farm to table burgers


inspired by California

Zephyr takes a farm to table approach to creating old school smashed patty burgers inspired by the beach side diners of CALIFORNIA




After spending 6 years working between London and Los Angeles, founder Oz Harborth decided to jack

in his job as a video editor and start making people happy through food!


During his trips to Los Angeles Oz spent almost any available downtime eating his way around Southern California! This meant that he got stuck in to a lot of tacos, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, french toast, fried chicken, pancakes, barbecue, lobster rolls and probably a lot more burgers than he'd care to admit.


Hitting burger joints all over the city from large chains such as In-n-Out to small establishments such as Hinano Cafe with its legendary burgers, he loved how fresh the burgers tasted due to having salad and super creamy burger sauces in them.


Insisting that his Fiancée Sheena needed to go to California (she really needed no persuasion) they took a culinary led trip around the Golden State. Fortunately Sheena shares Oz's love for a good burger and the pair unashamedly ate at In-n-Out 5 times in 7 days!


When setting up their street food business they wanted a name that represents California and especially one that plays on its surf and beach culture. Zephyr was the name of a surfboard shaping shop in Santa Monica historically known for pushing forward the art of skateboarding in the 1970's. The original shop on Main Street IS now long gone SO Oz and Sheena were excited to resurrect a slice of that culture in the form of food.


On the corner where Zephyr Surfboards once stood is now the cafe Dog Town Coffee, which Oz & Sheena paid a visit to on their travels (supposedly the coffee is great and they even have some of the original skateboards on display!)

















Taking everything they learned from their trip they spent time developing a burger that is not only reminiscent to them of all the great burgers they ate at beach side diners and drive through burger restaurants but also presents a fresh offering to burger fans which aims to evoke a feelings of pure joy and nostalgia.


Find Zephyr at Kerb Lunch markets during the week (check the link above for locations) and around the Bermondsey beer mile or on their home turf in Peckham at the weekend. You can also get their mouthwatering burgers delivered straight to your door 7 days a week via Deliveroo!